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"easyMedicare made getting the coverage I deserved easy and saved me a great deal of money."

- Joe Theismann

Joe Theismann - NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion

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Medicare Annual Election Period
(also known as Medicare Open Enrollment)

Stay up-to-date with the latest news about your annual enrollment opportunity, the Medicare Annual Election Period (also known as Medicare Open Enrollment or Medicare Annual Enrollment Period). We will provide you with as much information as possible on annual enrollment eligibility, how to enroll, what changes can benefit you, and how to get help. These resources are designed to help you take advantage of this critical enrollment period and make it as easy as possible!

Medicare Annual Election Period

The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) happens once every year (October 15th to December 7th) for people who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare), as well as any additional Medicare plans. During this time, you have the opportunity to switch Medicare plans, return to Original Medicare, or enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). This enrollment period also correlates with the release of information about changes to Medicare plans for the following year, so many people are able to find new benefits or cost savings.

Read “Overview of the Medicare Annual Election Period” for more information.

When is the 2021 Medicare Annual Election Period?

The Medicare Annual Election Period starts on October 15th and lasts through December 7th every year. If you are enrolling during this time, your coverage will begin on January 1 of the new year. During this enrollment period, you can:

  1. Switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan (or vice versa)
  2. Enroll in or drop your Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)
  3. Switch from your current Medicare Advantage Plan to a new Medicare Advantage Plan
  4. Switch from your current Medicare Prescription Drug plan to a new Prescription Drug Plan

Who is Eligible for the Medicare Annual Election Period?

All Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to enroll during the Annual Election Period. For enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B, eligibility begins for many people when they turn 65. You can also be under the age of 65 and still qualify for a Medicare plan. How? It is because you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Most people will receive Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) for free, but some may have to pay a premium for the coverage.

For more information on eligibility for this enrollment period, read "Medicare Annual Election Period: Who is Eligible?"

Medicare Annual Enrollment: How We Can Help

At easyMedicare.com, our licensed insurance agents take pride in helping others find affordable Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans that meet their financial and medical needs. When you contact easyMedicare.com, you will get a personal consultation from a licensed insurance agent who will take the time to find out what you are looking for in a Medicare plan.

Visit “Why easyMedicare.com?” for more information about our carriers, experience, and what to expect.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Toolkit

Once you understand the basics of the Medicare Annual Election Period and you’re ready to start creating your strategy for finding great healthcare coverage, this toolkit is for you. It includes a guide to annual enrollment, a full timeline with important dates throughout the year, recommendations on how to prepare for the Annual Election Period, and answers to frequently asked questions. Get the Medicare Annual Enrollment Toolkit and equip yourself to make the most of this enrollment opportunity.

Six Questions Answered About the Medicare Annual Election Period

You probably have questions about the Medicare Annual Election Period, and we have answers for you! Topics include when this enrollment period starts, who is eligible, what plans are offered, costs, and more. Read "Medicare Annual Enrollment: Six Questions Answered."


Glossary of Medicare Terms

You may hear a lot of Medicare and insurance related terms during the Medicare Annual Election Period and it’s easy to get them mixed up. That’s why we’ve created a glossary of these common terms to help you keep them straight! Read “Medicare Annual Election Period: Glossary of Terms” to fill in any gaps in your insurance dictionary.

Medicare Annual Election Period Videos

For visual learners or those in a hurry, our Medicare videos cover the important details about the Annual Election Period without as much reading.

Start with Medicare Made Easy, our series of short informational videos about key Medicare topics. This one will get you through the basics of annual enrollment in just 65 seconds!

Joe Theismann, Medicare beneficiary and easyMedicare.com spokesperson, shares information about benefits and savings during the 2020 Medicare Annual Election Period. The year may have changed, but this video still offers a good overview of what you may be able to gain by switching plans during this enrollment period. And the Medicare Annual Election Period is always October 15th through December 7th, no matter the year.

If you have a little longer to learn about Medicare, this interview with easyMedicare.com Founder and CEO Tony Solazzo is an excellent resource. He has more than 25 years of insurance experience and led our company to helping more than 100,000 Americans with their Medicare coverage.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Help

If you have questions about the Medicare Annual Election Period or you want to review your coverage, call us today for your no-cost consultation with a licensed insurance agent. Call 1-800-991-4407 / TTY 711 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern, Monday to Friday. Our agents are may be available for evenings and weekends during the Medicare Annual Election Period to ensure all our callers have a chance to enroll in the Medicare plan they need. Don’t miss out on your chance to potentially find new benefits or cost savings!

Prefer a do-it-yourself approach? Visit the Medicare Online Enrollment Portal to find, compare, and enroll in Medicare plans without having to speak with anyone. This convenient digital resource allows you to browse and compare the benefits and costs of plans in your own region, as well as check if your doctors are included in a plan network. A guided 3-stage enrollment form is available if you find a plan that suits you.