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"easyMedicare made getting the coverage I deserved easy and saved me a great deal of money."

- Joe Theismann

Joe Theismann - NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion

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6 Enrollment Opportunities Beyond the Medicare Annual Election Period (Continued)

Out of Your Hands

It’s understandable — some things are simply out of your control. And if that loss of control was due to a natural disaster or the like, you could qualify for special enrollment. People displaced by a once-in-a-century weather event may miss some or all of an enrollment period as they work to regain control of their lives.

All In: Dual Enrollment

Retirement age isn’t the only factor that can make you eligible for Medicare. Certain disabilities, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, can make you eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. It’s what’s known as “dual enrollment” and it can open up a Special Enrollment Period for you.

Outdone: There’s a Better Plan

There were over 3,100 Medicare Advantage plans available in 2020, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. It’s important to keep track of your available plan options, because at least some of their features will change over time. If a 5-star plan becomes available in your area, you may be able to take advantage of it without having to wait a year to enroll.

Inside and Outside

There are exemptions for those who move in or out of a long-term care facility, as well as those who are released from incarceration. After leaving an institution, you’d have two full months from release to enroll in a Medicare plan.

Learn More About the Ins and Out of Medicare

Take advantage of your no-cost consultation with a licensed insurance agent today to learn more about your enrollment options. 1-800-991-4407 / TTY 711 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern, Monday to Friday or 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern, Saturday.