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“Wine is for customers,
our olive oil is for friends.”

-- Giampaolo Tabarrini

Our plans for a Spring trip to Italy may have been postponed, but we can still share a taste of Italy. I hope this exclusive e-TeleQuote olive oil brings cheer to you and those you love. Thank you so much for your dedication and perseverance in this unusual year.

- Tony

Introducing e-TeleQuote Exclusive Olive Oil!

This olive oil comes from a small family grove on the Tabarrini winery in the stunning Montefalco region of Italy. The grove was set aside to produce olive oil for the family, a few friends, and as a treat for winery visitors; this year, e-TeleQuote is fortunate to receive the entire harvest as a one-of-a-kind gift arranged between Tony and the winery owner.

Your bottle of Tabolio is no grocery-shelf olive oil. While you were working hard to help people during AEP, the Tabarrini olives were being harvested. As you shopped for Christmas presents and decorated your house, your olive oil was pressed and bottled. And while you opened presents and took a much-needed rest, your olive oil was flown across the Atlantic. It is pain-stakingly crafted from high-quality ingredients and delivered to you fresh from Italy.

Benefits & Uses

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the highest quality version of olive oil, produced without any heat. This process allows the oil to maintain healthy antioxidants and plant material in the final product. Cold pressed EVOO is a healthy fat that can be beneficial for your heart, brain, joints, and more!

While olive oil is commonly used for cooking, the unique flavor of this exclusive oil will shine in salad dressings, sauces, and as a dip for bread, especially when combined with Italian herbs and spices.


Your olive oil should last 12-16 months, especially if stored in a cool,
dry place such as a pantry or cabinet.


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